DIY Cleaning Tips

DIY Cleaning Tips

by Sunlight Carpet Care

Wondering for the most effective DIY Cleaning tips?

If yes then experts of Sunlight carpet care are the best choice for having the most effective carpet cleaning tips.

Here we have mentioned some best DIY cleaning tips for vacuum cleaning.

  • Vacuum Frequently

A most important thing to clean your carpet is by frequently vacuuming your carpet, most probably once a week.

  • Use clean bag or filter

If you are using dirty bag or filter at the time of vacuuming then it can reduce the efficiency of your vacuum and cannot produce the expected cleaning outcome.

  • Use the vacuum at the right speed

If you perform vacuuming task slowly then it cannot remove the dirt from your carpet. So, you can make one quick pass over low traffic area and two slow passes over the high traffic areas for best cleaning results.  

  • Make use of walk-off mats

A simple and the most effective solution that can help you to prevent dirt is by using walk mats. You can use mats inside and outside of your home and it will also enhance the look of your house. In this case, coarse-texture mats can be beneficial.

  • Perform vacuuming with the right height

Perform vacuuming with the right is the most important thing for having the best cleaning results. If you perform vacuuming too low then you can damage the carpet as well as vacuum’s roller brush and drive belt. If you set it’s too high then you are not able to remove the dirt from your carpet. So the best way is to set the vacuum at the right height and settings.

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