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How Can I Get Professional Carpet Cleaners in My Area?

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Quality cleaning at a convenient location is something which everybody desires for. But “How to get in touch with the best carpet cleaners in my area?”. This is the common question which evolves in every homeowner’s mind when they get frustrated looking at those dirty carpets.

First, to hire the carpet cleaner in your area it is very important to do local research on the internet or ask friends or relatives for any reference. There you will get a varied list of carpet cleaners using different techniques and tools to help you get rid of all stains and dust contaminants from your carpet fabric.

From so many carpet cleaners in the market how to get in touch with the best carpet cleaners. Here are pro tips which will help you hire the best carpet cleaning service in your area.

Consider These Tips and Get Long-Lasting Carpet Look:

#Tip1: Know who you are hiring: As we have discussed before to research while doing it you will observe customer reviews for local and nationwide carpet cleaners. Choose the company having on average 4-5% ratings. Also, to ensure that the company is legitimate, check on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

#Tip2: Watch those special discounts: While checking any carpet cleaning company website, verify the discount coupons to know the exact price. Also, ask their team about the included services like a pre-stain spot treatment, pre-vacuuming and deodorizing. Besides that, verify their definition of room size.

#Tip3: Safe and efficient process?: It is very important for you to verify their cleaning process to ensure that you have a safe and healthy environment to live in. While choosing carpet cleaners near me, ask them if their cleaning experts are using chemicals products. This way you can assure that your carpet will not get damaged.

#Tip4: Do a proper background check: Before inviting an unknown person to your home it is very important to do a proper background verification. Ensure you know the history of carpet cleaners you are hiring for your dirty carpeted areas.

Where To Get The Best Carpet Cleaners in My Area?

Consider the above steps which justify your question on how can I get professional carpet cleaners in my area. Still, if you are looking for something beyond that and want to get in touch with the best service of carpet cleaning near me, then Sunlight Carpet Care is the ultimate destination.

No matter how hard is the stain or deeply penetrated dust contaminants, our skilled team of carpet cleaners helps you remove all. To know more about our carpet cleaning services, call us today at 8057208240. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ to get an update regarding discount offers and more carpet cleaning tips.

3 Ways Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Can Keep You Healthy

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Do you have sniffing issues more than normal when you are inside your home? Or having frequent coughing issues? Then it is an indication that your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning services.

It bit shocking to find out how many health risks can occur due to dirty carpets. Not only for those having respiration issues, such as Asthma, but also for those who spend most of the time in such areas. So, what are the risk for humans in dirty carpets? Here they are, let’s have a look:

  •    Pollutants

The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency says that a carpet is a mega filter which can hold several different sources of indoor air pollution. Whether it is bacteria or dust, foot traffic can release these particles into the air. In turn, it can trigger coughing fits and pose a particularly serious risk to those previously suffering from respiratory issues.

  •    Mold

Unlike the rest, dangerous pollutants mold is one of them. This particularly has a high risk in the areas with high humidity. Dirty carpets have a high chance of growing mold and can trigger various different health risks. Mold can actually cause people to develop respiratory issues, who previously had none, that can affect one’s health for the rest of their life. If gone unnoticed and uncorrected with carpet and rug cleaners for a long span of time. Mold can be the major cause of respiration issues, who previously had none and this can turn into a lifetime problem. If it is overlooked or left untreated in the carpets or rugs it can be fatal in the future.

  •    Pests

The pest can be a threat to the carpet as well as you, it can make your skin crawl. Dust mites keep on spreading in the uncleaned carpets. Experts and health department officials say if you avoid regular carpet cleaning services, then up to 2,000 dust mites can survive easily on just one ounce of carpet dust. Professional carpet cleaning services can not only prevent them but also destroy the existing infestation using the pro techniques and tool to clean carpets.

Looking for the best carpet cleaning services in San Diego?

You will believe or not, but regular carpet cleaning services can actually keep you and your beloved ones safe. With our professional carpet cleaning services, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel safe in your home. Sunlight Carpet Care has 20 years of experience and we can deliver you the best quality services at affordable rates. We provide carpet cleaning services in Santa Maria and nearby areas.

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Organic Carpet Cleaning: The Best Way To Prolong Your Carpets

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It is very essential to leave a great impact or impression in business, and the cleanliness of your commercial area has lots of things to do with that. Carpets are one of the assets in your office that can leave a great impact on your clients. When it comes to enhancing the office, carpets are one of the great investment that makes an imprint in the memory of just about anybody who walks into your office. The only way to maintain its originality regular carpet cleaning is necessary.

Placing carpets is a way of accentuating the look of the office is one thing, and taking proper care of it is another. Having dirty carpets leaves a bad impression when it comes to professionalism and in addition, posing hazardous health issues.

As we all know commercial carpet faces more foot traffic compared to residential carpet. So they are more prone to dust and dirt, so it is essential to clean it more frequently. Sadly, this can take a lot of time in proper carpet cleaning, and without professional carpet cleaning, you cannot get the desired results. That’s the reason natural products and methods are fast being adopted by the business concerned about the upkeep of their carpets.  


If you own a business and have a carpet at your office or you are planning to buy one, here are top 2 products that can help you to clean your carpet in a natural way extending its life.

Lets See The Natural Products:


The Best thing about DIY is they are cheaper than going and buying branded commercial products for carpet cleaning. If cost is an issue, you can go with vinegar to clean your carpet. Spray vinegar on the stains and leave it for time, before you blot it. A solution of vinegar and shampoo can do wonder for your carpets. Vinegar is great at absorbing bad odors as well.

Baking Soda

The second solution form the kitchen for your carpet issues is baking soda. It is one the best solution when it comes to DIY and natural cleaning. Sprinkle some baking soda or make a layer over the stain and leave it for a while (you can also leave it for a night if the situation is severe). Later, remove all the particles using a vacuum cleaner. The baking soda makes the carpet contamination-free while effectively removing grease stains as well.  

These are the two best natural products for natural carpet cleaning. Try out this kitchen remedies and enjoy a fresh and naturally cleaned carpet. If you think you need professional help you can call us any time. Sunlight Carpet Care experts are always available to help you.

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Until then happy carpet cleaning!
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Explore The Merits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

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One piece of your house that is likely to have the majority of dirt buildup and overall wear and tear is the carpet. If you wish to keep your carpet looking neat and clean for a longer period of time, it is vital to invest in professional carpet cleaning service. Moreover, if you have children, pets or lots of people in and out of your house, you need to have professional cleaning twice a year.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Provides Healthy Living

One of the main reason for having a regular professional carpet cleaning is to make your home healthier. Bacteria, allergens, and dust usually accumulate in the carpet fibers until they are eliminated by professionals. These can potentially cause breathing issues for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. It can add an unappealing scent to your home as carpet has the absorbing feature of odors. Only vacuuming cannot remove the dirt and bacteria out, so you might want to give your local carpet cleaning service a call! Sunlight Carpet Care uses the best carpet cleaning products.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As time passes, if you do not take proper care of your carpets, they will begin to look worn out, shabby and dirty. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you can experience many things like removal of tough stains, high traffic foot areas spots, residue and ugly old spots that you’d never be able to remove with a store-bought carpet cleaner. It will leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling as good as new!

Prolong The Life of Your Carpets

The fibers in your carpet can easily break and divide if the carpet is not managed on regular basis. To extend the life of your carpet you need to have professional carpet cleaning in a specific period of time. The experts will use specific cleaning solutions and techniques to assure that all loose fragments at the base of the carpet are removed. In addition, they thoroughly scrub and sanitize the rest of the carpeting. Vacuuming on the weekly basis is beneficial and will eliminate a lot of the surface level dirt that has accumulated, but professional cleaning twice a year will remove all of the hard to clean bacteria and dirt from your house.

So, in future, if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company, approach Sunlight Carpet care. When it comes to carpet cleaning, experience counts. With years of experience, we can deliver results that can satisfy the customer needs.

Sunlight Carpet Care provides professional carpet cleaning in Santa Maria and nearby areas. Call us @ (805) 720-8240 and talk to our experts to get the solution for all your cleaning problems.

Green Carpet Cleaning: A Ideal Method For Deep Cleaning

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When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning solutions, toxic in the solutions are the threat to both humans as well as pet health. Probably you landed here in search of how to clean your rugs and carpets properly and keep them looking clean for a longer time. The answer to your search is professional green carpet cleaning.  

Have a look below, we have shared 4 green carpet cleaning tips which can help you to deal with carpet cleaning easily without spending hours and hours working with toxic carpet cleaning products.

Frequent Vacuuming

It is very easy for dirt, dust, and debris to enter our home. Every time when your or someone enters the home from door or windows they get space to enter. The dirt and unwanted substance which enters the house go and settle in the carpet fibers. These elements can be harmful to you as well as the members in the house. If you want to effectively remove them you need to perform regular vacuuming. At least once a week for the whole place and 2-3 times a week for high traffic areas – hallways, living room etc.

Deal To Spills Immediately And in a Right Away

It is very important to respond to the spill as they occur if you immediately respond you do not require any toxic cleaning solution. Firstly, remove the extra moist remaining in your carpet. After that treat the spot using soap and water, or else you can also use some homemade combinations such as salt or cornstarch to soak up grease, to deal with coffee, red wine, or juice – use club soda. If there is some bad odor sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area, leave it for 5-10 minutes then remove using a vacuum cleaner.

Steam Cleaning without Detergent

If you have considered the tips given above then in this step you will only require plain water when steam cleaning your carpets. The heated water will loosen the deeply penetrated dirt so they can be easily sucked up by vacuum. Hot steam will kill all the bacteria and unwanted germs so there is no need for detergent. If you want you can add some white vinegar to the water tank. It is natural, so it is a good substance and can deal with rot and mildew. Talking about the smell, it will vanish in less than a day, leaving your carpets properly cleaned and with no stains.

Hire Professional Cleaning Company

It doesn’t matter how efforts you put in your regular cleaning. It is essential to have professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. Also, check the company provides green cleaning – many professionals provide nowadays such as Sunlight Carpet Care. Professionals can easily move furniture as per their cleaning needs to treat the stains and spots meticulously saving you a lot of time and elbow grease.
When the cleaning process is done with non-toxic products it reduces the risk of asthma, allergies and skin conditions for you and your family members.

Sunlight Carpet Care professionals ensure to prevent your carpet from dirt and dust entering the house. Our professionals are trained under experts and know the best cleaning methods to restore your carpet. If you are looking for professional green carpet cleaning in Santa Maria call us. Book us and experience the best green carpet cleaning service, contact us at (805) 720-8240.

Choose us to get the best green carpet cleaning service the one you deserve!

FAQ: How To Make Carpet Dry Faster?

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Carpets are the great flooring options. Nowadays, the majority of people prefer carpet as the flooring option. Carpet enhances the appeal of the room. Having pets and kids in the home means spills and pet accidents are obvious. Cleaning up the mess is really a tiring task, especially in winters, it becomes more difficult as the carpet take more time to dry. If you’re cleaning or dealing with water spills or leakage on your carpet, you might be looking for solutions how to make carpet dry faster. Moisture and carpet are not good together, especially if left unattended for a long period of time.

So, experts of Sunlight Carpet Care have shared some carpet cleaning and drying tips. In no time at all, you’ll know how to dry wet carpet fast. Even in freezing weathers. How cool is that?

Never Overlook Wet Carpets

When it comes to wet carpet, you really need to act very fast. If you overlook and don’t respond in the time frame of 24 hours, mold can begin to develop and have its way with your carpet. Molds are toxic and dangerous, especially to those are sensitive with allergy symptoms.  

If you want to keep your home healthy and clean, it is vital to have a fast action plan. That carpet needs to be dry and it needs to be dried fast.

Remove furniture from carpet

Firstly, you need to move the furniture from the carpet. This will protect your furniture from sitting in a soaked wet carpet. Or else, your furniture will face mold dangers. Move your furniture out of the room so your carpet will get more space to focus on drying your carpet.

Hang it out to dry

If your house doesn’t have wall to wall carpeting, then the best thing you can do is hung it outside to dry. It’s been said that sunlight is a great disinfectant. In case, it is cold outside, this solution is worthless.

Soak up as much of the excess water as possible

The best thing you can do right off the bat is whip out some clean rags. Utilize the rags to blot the spills up to soak the water. Wring out the water or grab fresh rags as you go. Once you are done with soaking, it’s time for the next step.

Vacuum the carpet with a wet vac

Some of the vacuum cleaners are not made for water vacuuming, but others are built to manage it. If you learn to handle vacuum which is designed for such a task, then that will certainly help to successfully complete the drying process.

Precaution tip: You need to understand that most vacuum cleaners that are manufactured for home use are not great at dealing with water. In most case, vacuuming water could be dangerous to the user. It is better to borrow a wet carpet vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are designed to safely handle water clean up.

Open Your House windows

Searching for how to make carpet dry faster? Windows can be your savior. Open the windows of your home to allow air to circulate. This tip will be useless when the weather is cold. Nothing to worry, It’s ok. You can proceed to the next method and dry your carpet using other methods. Thankfully, your wet carpet can be dried faster through various cleaning tactics.

Install Portable fans

Whether It is summer or winter it doesn’t matter, you can place fans up around your carpet. The air blowing across the carpet will decrease the drying time. Whatever you have will help. You just need to plug in your fans and set them around the carpet. You can use box fans.

Switch on the ceiling fans

Only portable fans aren’t the solution, for additional support switch on the ceiling fans. This will help to decrease the drying time. The constant airflow will help to dry your carpet faster.

If you do not have ceiling fans, relax. There are other ideas we will share with you.

Install Dehumidifiers

Final tips by Sunlight experts is a do-it-yourself tip, place a dehumidifier in your room. Dehumidifiers are great machines to make your carpet dry faster. They are great at eliminating moisture from the room, eventually, making carpet dry faster.

If you are not confident with these DIY methods it is better you approach professional carpet cleaners. Because with a lack of confidence and knowledge you will end up with irreparable damage.

Sunlight Carpet Care is the best carpet cleaning company who can provide the high-quality result. Sunlight Carpet Care has all the expertise you need in a professional carpet cleaning company in Santa Maria and nearby areas.

Call now on (805) 720-8240 and talk to our experts to get the solution for all your cleaning problems.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services: Give a Proper Care To Your Carpet

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Can Keep Your Carpets Deeply Cleaned!

Carpet is a common asset and considered as one of the important things when it comes to commercial or residential foundation. These days the majority of workplaces or homes use carpet for their deck on the grounds that it provides good looks for a home or office. Carpet includes a considerable measure of beauty, particularly when it looks clean and new.

Some individuals utilize carpets as decorations for beautification reason. As time goes by the main issue with a floor covering is they get filthy as well as smell awful. The thing that gets you stressed is the means by which to keep up the cleanliness of your carpets. In the long run, it is reasonable to go with an expert cleaning service provider.

What is the alternative to keep your carpet clean?

There are such a large number of alternatives so as to make a simple job dusting. However, there are multiple cleaning organizations that offer services for cleaning. Make work simpler moreover will issue you a superior result simply ideal for a carpet. Sunlight Carpet Care always tries to keep your home shining, clean and new.

You’ve spent a fortune on excellent floor coverings that compliment your home adornment. Also, they are ever so comfortable on the feet! You would prefer not to see carpet get destroyed by sleek oil, stain, and mud that can wear your carpet down and make it look dirty. So make sure to utilize a carpet dusting hardware to look after on carpet.

I’m sure you’d rather have your carpet looking and inhaling clean and crisp than looking old also inhaling terrible. A poor inhaling carpet can be the result of cooking smells, pet smells, nevertheless, it can begin from soil and grime. Floor cover cleaning gear can keep your carpet looking like new. At the point when one hears this expression floor covering shampooing tools, we naturally think about huge steam cleaners that are utilized to clean the carpet, yet your general old vacuum is a piece of your carpet cleaning hardware shield.

Steam cleaning is a substitute choice in the carpet scrubbing tool. Steam is helpful in getting into those minor splits and cleft that are difficult to reach. Steam cleaning is good for carpets, drapery, also for furniture its length carried out appropriately. An alternative benefit of steam cleaning is that there are no chemicals included in cleaning. This will efficiently clean the dirt, execute parasites like carpet bugs. An exceptionally safe methodology!

It better you approach professional carpet cleaning services in your area to clean all floor coverings or you can lease a carpet cleaner. If your floor coverings are dirtied truly serious you are likely better off calling the aces as they have the mastery, the expert scrubbing issues, including heavy-duty hardware to get carpets clean. An expert cleaning will likewise issue you additional time between dusting.

Searching for the professionals?

Sunlight Carpet Care will keep your carpets looking new and crisp also it will extend the life of carpets.

Call us to experience the best and professional carpet cleaning services in Santa Maria and nearby areas.

Unlock Different Ways On How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning

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If you have a wet carpet, then the first question that arises in your mind is how to dry carpet after cleaning rapidly. Drying your carpet after cleaning process becomes essential. Because if the moisture remains in the carpet for a long time then it causes several health issues. Other than this, it can cause damage to your carpet with the growth of bacteria and other allergens.

To prevent the issues of drying, here we have listed some of the important ways to dry your carpet after the cleaning process. Follow these simple yet effective home tips and eliminate the risk of associated odor and mildew growth.

Open the doors for ventilation

Ventilation is the old but effective strategy to circulate the air in your home. It ensures the better internal air quality. For better ventilation, you can open the doors, windows as it is the best way to get your carpet dry rapidly. It is suggested to open the windows or doors on a hot day with low humidity for the fast drying process. As a result, it will provide you with the fresh carpet spreading good air quality.

Purchase quality vacuum cleaner

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is the best way to suck up wet and dry components. As a result, it will help you to dry out an excessive amount of water which is left behind your carpet.  Therefore, buy the vacuum cleaner, run it over your carpeting and empty the container if it is filled with the water.

A device used to remove moisture

After considering the ventilation process, still, the moisture is not removed from your carpet then choose dehumidifier. This is the device used to collect moisture in your room, making your room perfect when you want to dry your carpet. All starts with setting the humidifier in center of the room and turn it on a high level. Keep an eye on it every hour, emptying the container when moisture collects.

Seek for the help of smart professionals

Following all of the above procedures, still the result is not achieved i.e. onhow how to dry carpet after cleaning, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert. Professionals have years of experience, latest equipment and techniques to dry your carpet quickly. One of the renowned carpet cleaning service provider is Sunlight Carpet Care.

Using the best cleaning methods, we ensure to prevent your carpet from dirt and dust entering the house. We know the best cleaning techniques and have the years of experience on how to dry carpet after cleaning process. If you want to experience the satisfactory cleaning service, then contact us at (805) 720-8240.

Choose us to get the best carpet cleaning service the one you deserve!